Your Inbox May Be Dragging You Down

When was the last time your listened to your own advice?

My turn came this weekend when I was finally paralyzed by 700 emails sitting in my inbox. Every one of them was dead weight cramping my productivity and creativity.

Every time I opened my inbox I felt anxious over what could be falling through the cracks. And in fact, much was as I feared.

So I finally rolled up my sleeves and reviewed the four-minute Mastering the Inbox video I created over two years ago.  In less than one hour, I am in control of my inbox and communication again!

You inbox may be robbing your mental energy and negatively affecting your communication too, so I thought you may benefit from this video as well.

Two Quick Tips to Speed the Clean Up Process

1.  Clear the “Many” first: When you come across a popular email from one of your subscriptions (Coupons, Newsletters, Offers, Blogs, etc.), do a global search for emails with the same sender or subject line.  When the 30, 50, 100 emails pop up.  Select all. Delete.

2. Prepare for a Tidy Future: Create rules (Outlook) or filters (Google Apps) to do the heavy lifting for you. Right click the email you want to use as a template, then create a rule or a filter to either delete it automatically, file in a “Read Later” folder, or categorize it for easy viewing and delegating. Rules and filters are great because you can modify them or delete them later.

Happy cleaning!

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Maria Keckler

Maria helps clients clarify the story they want to tell… then designs and delivers training and coaching that align with that story. Whether she’s helping clients design high-impact meetings, communication training, or presentation slides, Maria ensures their message is getting across superbly. Maria is also founder and president of SUPERB COMMUNICATION.

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