Seven Stories Leaders Must Learn to Tell Well

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 8.57.27 AM“I became a teacher at the age of six…” and so begins the story I told and retold as I applied for college scholarships and grants. One single story paid my college tuition. One single story graduated me debt free.

So before it was popular to talk about the role of storytelling in business, I was already obsessed with studying how story dramatically changes the way people absorb and respond to our ideas.

My observation is that business leaders can dramatically increase sales, employee satisfaction — and overall business results — by weaving facts and figures into a memorable storyline that connects all the dots to teach, motivate, and inspire action.

I delivered the following presentation to an audience of professionals in San Diego. It outlines the Seven Stories Leaders Must Learn to Tell Well. The tips I share in the following slides can get you started thinking about what those stories mean for you and your business.

Over the next two weeks, I will be expanding on the specific components of each story and how you can use the examples to tell your own stories well.

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Maria Keckler

Maria helps clients clarify the story they want to tell… then designs and delivers training and coaching that align with that story. Whether she’s helping clients design high-impact meetings, communication training, or presentation slides, Maria ensures their message is getting across superbly. Maria is also founder and president of SUPERB COMMUNICATION.

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