From the Desk of Maria Keckler, M.A., 
Accelerator, Executive Coach

IMAGIINE...How much further would you be if I worked with you one-on-one for an entire day.
Would You Like Me To Personally Work With You On Your Strategy, Project, or Plan?

Working Together, one-on-one, We Can Make 2018 Your Most Successful And Transformative Year Ever!
I have decided to accept some new private clients who are ready to commit before 2018, so I can help them have their best year ever. If that may be you, read on.

IF YOU ARE ACCEPTED, I'll work with you one-on-one for a full VIP Acceleration Day to get your idea, project, and message out to the world powerfully. Then I'll support your progress to ensure you finish.

IMANGINE the progress you'll make when you and I focus together on your book, message, idea, or business for an entire day. What impact would that have on your life, your business, or your career?

You've probably heard that I accelerate results at lightening speed.

It's true! 

I bring clarity, focus, and the rocketfuel needed for take off. That's my special gift!

If you want to know more, read on, or, better yet, request a complementary consultation because spots are very limited.


I know a thing or two about breakthroughs, and I'm humbled to be in the position to guide others through the process. 

From humble beginnings as a Mexican immigrant, who started out as a sweatshop worker in Los Angeles, I have developed a reputation as a Bridge Builder, catalyst, and accelerator. I'm truly honored to get to work with leaders and clients all over the world. 

My secret sauce, as an accelerator and executive coach, is the depth and breadth of knowledge, expertise, and global resources I bring to my clients. They get me and my golden Rolodex of vetted expertise, so they never have to waste time searching for the trusted tools and solutions they need.

I take only a few private clients every year, the reason I create free resources I can make available to hundreds of people. The bulk of my time is spent working with corporate clients, through my company, Superb Communication, implementing ideas found in my bestselling book Bridge Builders: How Superb Communicators Get What They Want, which by the way, was recently listed in Inc. Maganize's "60 Great Business and Leadership Books All Written By Women."

To every engagement, I bring 20+ years experience in strategic communications, creative thinking, problem-solving, and technology savvy—plus the latest trends, tools, and research from neuroscience, storytelling, creativity, productivity, and human connection. 

It is my pleasure to serve every client.

To your success!

Maria Keckler, M.A.
If you are here, chances are you know someone who has already worked with me. 95% of my clients come from referrals you trust.
 As Your Executive Coach I've Got Your Back...
From the very first call, preparing for our one-on-one VIP Acceleration Day, I personally help you get the momentum you need to ramp up your project, your business, or to share your message. You'll be amazed at how fast clarity comes when I'm looking from the outside and see things you can't see.

We'll talk about what it is that you want to achieve in your one-on-one Acceleration Day with me in San Diego (or another city where we agree to meet). But before I even get on that call with you...

I'm going to review your materials so that I'm really prepared to ask you essential questions and move things forward. Because... often what you think you want and need isn't really what's going to move you, your project, or your business forward. 

On your Acceleration Day, you and I spend a full day together going over everything I listed above... and much more. When we work together, I'll act as the interim CEO/Marketing Director/CFO/Chief Technology Officer, Cheerleader, and Chief Harbinger of your message. I roll up my sleeves along side of you and we'll get to work.

And it doesn't stop there! After our full day of working on your business or project, we'll even have some fun social time where we get to know each other personally. I'll take you out to a first-class dinner. If my husband, Sam, is in town I may even bring him because he is a lot of fun and a phenomenal storyteller. 
After our Acceleration Day I Will Give You A Customized Game Plan You Can Follow Step by Step...
Bottom line, this is a laser-focused, strategic acceleration bootcamp where I guide you, support you, and ensure you have continued forward progress.

"But Maria... I'm not ready. I need to get all my ducks in a row first and then I'll be able to start."
Have you heard of the Parkinson's Law? It states that work expands to fill the time available for its completion. I have news for you. You will never have your 'ducks in a row' or you would have by now. However, once you commit to the project and working with me, everything will align faster than you can imagine—because I will make sure of it. 
Here's the bottom line:
It Only Takes One Move To Change The Momentum of The Game. A Decision To Act Is That Move. 
Join the ranks of people who—with my help—have finished books, grown their businesses, nailed their brands, clarified their messages, or turned their idea into a rocketship to greater impact!

"Working with Maria Keckler is the best business decision I've made this year. Her strategic coaching and unique "pivot moves" approach has increased my results beyond what I thought was possible in a short period of time. After just 90 days of working with Maria, my sales revenue has already surpassed 100 times my coaching investment!"

—Karen Hinds
Emerging Leader Expert
Workplace Success Group

"We have had Maria as our coach from the beginning of our strategy and design stages through launch and now in our first quarter; we cannot imagine the journey without her!"

—Kathrine Kimball
Managing Principal and Founder

"Maria is all about helping people be in action! During our first project Execution Lab she gave me an email template to re-engage my old clients, then held me accountable until I sent it out.  Before the day was over, I received an enthusiastic response from one of my past clients who was in urgent need of my services. That one email turned into thousands of dollars in profits which I could have missed had Maria not helped me take action reaching for the low hanging fruit in my business!"

Brigitte Callahan
PowerPoint Design Queen
Creative Director at
Babilon Arts, Inc

"Maria, I want to thank you. I put your breakthrough principles to work and in the first days of 2016 I've gotten massive results. This stuff works!"

J.D. Davids
Creator of "Smart Money Startups"
Founder, The Fronis Group