Help: I work for a micromanager

Micromanagers get a bad rap, and understandably so. Their communication and management style, when not warranted, is costly in more ways than one.

But not all micromanagers are created equal.

Many micromanagers I’ve worked with don’t realize they’re hurting their teams. They feel justified to do so because they care about the bottom line… and about keeping important details from falling through the cracks.

“I care…” That’s their story.

It’s a good story — but not the one that comes across.

The real stories that micromanagers communicate are…

“You can’t be Trusted.”

“You’re incompetent.”

“You don’t deserve being treated like a professional.”

Inaccurate stories are costly:

Producing hostile work environments…

Depleting employee motivation, creativity, productivity, team morale

Yielding employee turnover and poor results.

3 Ways to Reframe the Story

  1. Start with Empathy.  Ask yourself: “If I were in my their shoes, how would I like to be treated?”
  2. Be Vulnerable: Ask for input. Ask your team: “What would you do differently if you were me?”
  3. Implement Better Communication Systems:

    (a) Clarify expectations from the start.
    (b) Make accountability the goal.
    (c) Assume positive intentions.
    (d) Revisit “a” when things don’t go as planned.

Remember: micromanagement undermines everything you care to accomplish, but you can turn things around if you are ready to improve results.


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