A few nice things people had to say after working with us…

In my thirty years of working in industry and of teaching at the university level, I have seldom come across a professional who displays a sense of professionalism and dedication to her work as does Ms. Maria Keckler.

Ms. Keckler and I have worked together … and in the course of my close association with her, I have come to admire Ms. Keckler’s work ethic and the quality of the product she generates.  Her work, in all things, is among the highest quality I have seen both in academia and in the professional workplace.

Matthew S. Novak, Ph.D.

I have attended numerous classes and workshops on effective communication and presentation throughout my 30 years of working in and consulting for education, business, and ministry, and I must say that Maria’s workshops are at the top of my list. I recently attended one of Maria’s workshops and walked away with not only new tools for my presentation bag of tricks, but a refreshed perspective on developing content into effective presentations. Maria is a gifted communicator with unique insight into the development of compelling story-driven content and dynamic presentation strategies.  She is able to effectively share this knowledge through her workshops. Whether you are a teacher that desires to improve the impact of your instruction or an executive that needs to increase the effectiveness of your board presentations, Maria will encourage, inspire and equip you.

John A. McCabe, M.A.
Instructional Design Consultant
Santa Cruz, California

Maria Keckler belongs to that élite international group of communicators who transcend the conventional boundaries of her craft. Maria’s cross-cultural team works seamlessly in print and digital media—guiding businesses and organizations to their fullest strategic advantage through effective communications. Working with them is a pleasure because Maria Keckler’s cohesive team is friendly, creative, professional, and effective. As a former CEO, what I find most compelling are Maria’s integrity, quick awareness and thorough resolution of difficult issues. Contracting Maria and her team will produce better business results through more robust communications.

Robert Webber, Ph.D.
Former CEO/International Consultant
Chief Information Officer, BAKBONE, LLC

I first saw Maria do at a training session on making lessons and presentations memorable at the 2010 TRACS conference in North Carolina. I knew immediately that she was the person I wanted to come and train our team at Pacific Islands University (PIU). Our professors have unanimously assessed the time with her as being “extremely helpful” to them. This year, as one of our keynote speakers for our island-wide “Story-Crafting Conference,” Maria helped establish PIU as a leader among the educational, ministry, and professional community. As a result, PIU has been asked to schedule regular conferences to benefit Guam’s teachers and ministry leaders. Maria knows how to teach teachers to teach and produce results.

Dave Owen, President
Pacific Islands University

Maria Keckler is a leader among leaders. Everything she does: writing, speaking, social media, training and equipping is all 100% A+! …

Pam Farrel
Best-Selling Author, Speaker
Farrel Communications
Love-Wise Ministries

Maria is a natural leader: a visionary, with energy, dedication, and commitment to see any project from idea to fruition. She is able to create synergy in diverse groups, where all benefit and grow from the process of project accomplishment…

Kathy Leicester
Product Release Manager

Maria is a detail-oriented business professional who responds quickly and effectively to challenging situations. I have seen her successfully bring a group of people together on short notice to complete a project on time with a good outcome.

Diane Malito
Contracts Manager, SAIC 

I have found [Maria] to be engaging, informative, professional at all times yet makes you feel that you can do what she does. She leads with confidence and authority. I have enjoyed hearing her speak and would come again and again to hear her or work with her.

Shelly Thompson
USANA Associate 

…Maria possesses impeccable technical skills, but also a deep, thoughtful, and scholarly comprehension of her subject matter…I could count on Maria to meet deadlines, without exception. She is a mature, conscientious, reliable, and capable professional. It is difficult to imagine a better candidate for any project you might undertake.

Donna Langston, Ph.D.
University of Colorado at Denver

…[Maria] was wonderful to work with in many ways.  She was very clear about the time she had available and due dates.  She met all the time frames and was very responsive to even last minute details and changes. She was an absolute delight to work with and I recommend her very highly.

Mary Pedersen, PH.D.
College of Agriculture Dean
California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly)

Maria Keckler will energize you! When she talks about social media, she puts it in a way that anyone can understand and learn from…”

Arlene Pellicane

Maria’s warmth and sensitivity, coupled with her professional expertise, make working with her a pleasure. I’d trust her with any aspect of my social media.

Dawn Wilson
Speaker, Author
Heart Choices Ministries

Maria Keckler opened my eyes WIDE to the world of potential in Social Media! Even with my 9000 newsletter subscribers, she gently pointed out I was missing a whole internet medium out there… Hire her –quick!

Marcia Ramsland
The Organizing Pro
Author, Speaker, Media Personality

“Hi Maria,

Your sessions seem to have been the favorites at the conference.  I received so much positive feedback, more so than any other presentation.  Here are the comments that I received.

“Maria Keckler’s presentations were my two favorite sessions.  I gained so much from her sessions, they were worth the price of the whole conference!  Please invite her to speak again!”

“This was one of the best sessions I attended!  Maria was personable, well-organized, and very engaging….

“…Her presentation style and content was captivating!  If there is an opportunity for her to present again, I highly recommend extending her the offer.”

“I’d like to provide very positive feedback on this session.  It was one of the best I attended at your conference….

“This was a fantastic session.   Maria was well organized, demonstrated knowledge of subject matter, and used an engaging, easy-to-follow style appropriate for the group….”

“…Maria’s motto of “show don’t tell,” is something I have taken to heart. The last five minutes of her presentation could have been a major topic in a large room….”

“I LOVED the session led by Maria Keckler … Her ideas on motivating faculty to buy into training was wonderful, and it was the best session I attended…”

“Maria’s session gave me some wonderful, immediate ideas that I could take away and use and learn from!”

…We hope to have  you present again next year!

Dara Friedson  | Blackboard Inc.
Manager of Educational Programs, Corporate Events and Conferences

In the modern marketplace it is often difficult to find top-notch people who succeed at the highest levels of professionalism in many areas at once. However, in my work with Maria Keckler, I have found that she is indeed one of those rare, multi-talented and focused professionals. Ms. Keckler not only meets every deadline consistently with a high-quality product each time, she is also a joy to work with, is a superb leader, and most importantly, has her ethical priorities in order in how well she supports those who work for her. Ms. Kecker is honest and direct as she deals with clients, she knows how to listen and learn from those she works with, and she is focused on making her work always part of a community endeavor, creating a tide of professionalism and effort that lifts all boats along with her own. I have enjoyed working with Ms. Keckler many times in the past, and eagerly look forward to working with her even more in the future.

David Gillette, Ph.D.
California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly)