Want Greatness? Be Generous.

Is nobility of spirit a requirement for great leadership? Yes it is, and here’s why:

Generous Leaders Are More Successful.

Be a Generous Leader

Generous Leaders Build Committed Teams

A generous leader creates a spirit of gratitude. Grateful people commit to the tribe with far greater frequency and fervency than those who are not grateful. And it all flows down from a leader with a generous heart.

Generous Leaders Create Generous Leaders

Mentoring young leaders shows them generosity is a trait all great leaders share;

Generous Leaders Make People Happy

Everyone loves getting something over and above what’s owed to them. Louisiana natives and Mark Twain call this lagniappe [LAN-yap], and describe it as “a little something extra for nothing.” Think of the happiness of biting into the 13th doughnut in a bakers’ dozen, or listening to the bonus track on your audio CD.

A generous leader provides food for her people’s soul. (tweet that)

How To Lead Generously

Three things leaders should give generously:

1. Trust. Trust when it’s hard, when it’s risky, and especially after your trust has been betrayed.

2. Training. Offer training regularly, and train the whole person.

3. Time: Give your time generously and in all circumstances.

A generous spirit will improve your bottom line and transform your team from a group of individuals to a grateful, happy, productive, prosperous, and yes, a generous tribe.

If you need help identifying the leadership techniques that can move your team forward, I can help. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

*image credit: George Hodan

Kathy Leicester

Kathy brings over 26 years of experience in strategic leadership and communication training to SUPERB COMMUNICATION. Kathy's ability to simplify what’s complex and to coach others in implementing strategies that mobilize change and results makes Kathy a valuable addition to the SUPERB COMMUNICATION training and consulting team.

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