Are You Committing Any of the 10 Biggest Sales Mistakes?

Guest Post by Peri Shawn

Guest Post by Peri Shawn

As you know, superb communication is the key to business success.  Sales is no different.  Superb communication in sales is the secret to selling more.

To help you improve your sales communications, one of the most effective things to do is ensure you don’t commit any of the biggest mistakes salespeople make.  There are actually 10 sales mistakes to avoid to ensure you are communicating well in your sales conversations.   You may be committing some of them and not even know you are.

How do you find out?

There are symptoms that indicate you might be committing one or more of the mistakes.  For example, are you:

  • Not getting as many referrals as you would like?
  • Not getting much repeat business?
  • Taking too long to close?

You’re probably wondering what the 10 mistakes are.   The 10 biggest sales mistakes salespeople make during their sales conversations are:

  1. Not being clear who’s buying
  2. Forgetting why people buy
  3. Being self-focused
  4. Telling mistruths
  5. Being ill-prepared
  6. Taking too much of the client’s time
  7. Sharing what’s not relevant
  8. Missing prospects’ buying cues
  9. Acting like a traditional salesperson
  10. Treating clients as enemies

Do any of these sound familiar?  If so, you might benefit from dong a bit of planning

1. Don’t Label

Do a self-check to ensure you’re focused on sales improvement, versus sales labeling.  Sales coaching, whether you are being coached or coaching yourself, is about learning more quickly from your experience, not judging yourself for your poor sales behaviors.  Kicking yourself in the proverbial sales foot isn’t very productive.

2. Be Clear

Determine with certainty which sales mistakes you’re committing.  As mentioned above, there are symptoms that indicate which of the 10 mistakes you are committing.  For example, if you find you are continually coming up against price objections, this is an indicator that you are committing mistake number 2, forgetting why people buy.   Prospects often revert to using price as buying criteria when salespeople haven’t offered other valuable criteria for prospects to use in their buying decisions.

3. Commit to Sales Coaching

Commit to being coached on a regular basis.  Provide your sales coach with feedback of what is working and not working for you.  If you are your own sales coach, be sure to get feedback from your clients so you have an unbiased source of feedback.  Just ensure you get sales coaching.  Sales coaching can be your single most important key to greater sales success.

Once you ensure you are not committing the 10 biggest sales mistakes salespeople make, you’ll sell more, better, sooner and more often.

Peri ShawnThis post is written by Peri Shawn, award winning author of Sell More with Sales Coaching. Peri is also a dynamic trainer and the co-counder of Coaching & Sales Institute based in Canada.


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  1. Danielle Morales says:

    Hey Maria,

    This checklist is really helpful! Being a young company, I understand that there’s still a lot that we can do to improve on and this can help keep my associates focused on what’s important. My rule of thumb is to always strive to deliver what it is the client wants. Just sharing what I read from another article: “Even professionals fall into the trap of over promising benefits and features that don’t even exist within a product or service.”

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