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Removing Barriers. Advancing Your Impact.
Welcome! We are based in San Diego, California but work with clients, nationally and globally, to develop extraordinary cultures and business results.

We specialize in working with high potentials, leaders, and teams in your organization that will ultimately show up every day ready to make a difference. Our top priority is to remove communication and leadership barriers in order to advance your organization's impact.

We bring a proven methodology and over 20 years of experience in the fields of story design, communication and leadership development. Our executive coaching and training process offers validated assessments, feedback, tools, and the customized strategies that will improve your competitive advantage.

We’ve worked with engineers, financial and tax experts, scientists, C-Suite leaders, middle management, marketing teams, board members, sales teams, educators, non-profit teams, and just about every position and industry in today's global economy. 

Tangibly speaking, our proven process translates into:
  • High performing cultures
  • More effective leaders 
  • Impactful communication
  • Faster conflict resolution
  • More productive teams
  • Persuasive presenters
  • Buy-in during change
  • Less HR Issues
  • Less turnover
  • Less conflict
  • More satisfied customers
  • More effective marketing messages
  • More productive meetings and collaboration
I look forward to personally connecting with you and discovering how we can work together to achieve the type of results you are looking for. 

—Maria Keckler, President / Founder

"Working with Maria is the best business decision I've made this year. Her strategic coaching and unique "pivot moves" approach has increased my results beyond my expectations. In just 90 days of working with her, my sales revenue has already surpassed 100 times my coaching investment!"

—Karen Hinds
Emerging Leader Expert
Workplace Success Group

"We have had Maria as our coach from the beginning of our strategy and design stages through launch and now in our first quarter; we cannot imagine the journey without her!"

—Kathrine Kimball
Managing Principal and Founder

"The value of clear and effective communication is often overlooked and even dismissed within organizations. Maria shows us what a mistake this is by illustrating how being a strong communicator—a bridge builder—provides a path to achieving your goals, both professionally and personally."

—Brad Parker
Director of Marketing
Sony Electronics

"What I find most compelling are Maria’s integrity, quick awareness and thorough resolution of difficult issues. Contracting Maria and her team will produce better business results through more robust communications."

—Robert Webber, Ph.D.
Chief Information Officer,

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