2 Activities to Develop Trust with Your Team

Smart PartyYou’ve developed the courage, compassion, integrity, wisdom, and generosity you think you need to lead your team. But “leading” your team can be hard to wrap your arms around. “What should I do first?” is a common question when there is so much to do.

The first thing new leaders must do is develop and communicate trust with their team. Here are two fun activities new leaders can use to develop that trust.

1. Host A Smart Party

Begin the process of developing trust and rapport with your team by hosting a Smart Party.

A Smart Party is a meeting where you invite your people to show you how smart they are: how well they do their job, how much they know, what they believe the organization needs in order to thrive. As the host, encourage conversation by asking questions:

  • What Do You Do? What are your responsibilities?
  • What Makes You Mad? What are your greatest frustrations?
  • What Makes You Smile? What about your work gives you the greatest satisfaction?
  • What Is Your Passion? What do you do best, of all the activities you engage in? What lights your fire?

Consider Asking the questions and listening to the answers says “You matter, your work matters, you are part of the future of this company.” It promotes trust and encourages creativity.

2. Take Action: Invite Your Team Into The Story

Use what you see and hear at the Smart Party to review where your people might be the most passionate, happiest, and most likely to succeed. Make changes in collaboration with each person.

Consider ways to edify individual team members to enhance trust and productivity (as they begin to work where they are best suited).

New leaders succeed by practicing the art of leadership one step at a time. These two simple techniques develop trust. Don’t discount their simplicity—building a culture of trust in your organization takes time, effort, and small steps to develop the right stories.

Kathy Leicester

Kathy brings over 26 years of experience in strategic leadership and communication training to SUPERB COMMUNICATION. Kathy's ability to simplify what’s complex and to coach others in implementing strategies that mobilize change and results makes Kathy a valuable addition to the SUPERB COMMUNICATION training and consulting team.

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