Want to fire up or refocus your team?
Studies show that with a boost in employee confidence and morale, employee engagement, performance and company profits follow. 

Imagine starting the next project, quarter, or initiative on a high note with your talent energized by the right perspective. 

Maria Keckler can help!

Regularly rated as "One of the most inspiring speakers we've ever had," Maria's authentic talks connect with diverse audiences because they illustrate how to overcome adversity, beat the odds, pivot during times of change, and achieve breakthrough.

Give your team the GIFT of INSPIRATION and practical application to help them reach new heights. 
About Maria Keckler

From humble beginnings as a Mexican immigrant who started out as a sweatshop worker in Los Angeles, Maria has developed a reputation as a Bridge Builder and Catalyst of positive change, connecting with audiences from across the U.S., Mexico, London, and Eastern Europe.

Maria is a C-Level communications leader, global learning and development expert, and bestselling author of Bridge Builders: How Superb Communicators Get What They Want (recently listed in Inc. Maganize's list "60 Great Business and Leadership Books All Written By Women").

Maria's authenticity and humor bring to life practical takeaways that are grounded in solid research in communication, neuroscience, storytelling, creativity, and human connection. 
The investment you make to inspire your team will pay high returns all year long.
Maria Customizes Every Talk To Fit The Audience And Industry. 
Some Of Her Most Requested Topics:

Developing Confidence 2.0

In today's rapidly changing and competitive landscape, what got you here won't get you where you want to go. “Fake it till you make it" is not sustainable if you want to make a lasting impact. Maria will discuss the framework for rediscovering the confidence that will help you navigate change and thrive. 

Mastering the Bridge Builder Way™

In today's competitive, global marketplace, Bridge Builders are our greatest assets, whether you need to bridge Generational Gaps, Diversity Gaps, or Communication Gaps.

Thriving Beyond the Sweatshop

Sooner or later, everyone gets stuck in a rut, which can feel like being trapped inside a sweatshop. Moving from sweatshop to thriving can be simpler than you think.

Tapping Into The Power of Story

In today's world marked by divisive communication, leaders who use the power of story will get further faster. Maria's latest research will inspire you to rethink everything you knew about persuasion, collaboration, connection, and innovation. 

Cutting Through The Noise

In today’s noisy world, it's hard to connect with our audiences and key stakeholders. Thankfully, it’s never been easier to connect—if you know how to lead authentically and how to connect with the mind and the heart of people.

When and How to Pivot

What if instead of being afraid of failure or change you mastered the art of the pivot? Some of the most inspiring success stories today are the result of timely pivots. The best time to learn when and how to do pivot is today. 
What People Are Saying
"Maria, I want to thank you. I put your breakthrough principles to work and in the first days of the year I've gotten massive results. This stuff works!"

J.D. Davids

San Diego
"Loved your session yesterday! It was powerful and inspirational. I wasn't expecting the hard-hitting self-awareness questions, but those were great!"

Adil Najmuddin

"Working with Maria Keckler is the best business decision I've made this year. Her strategic coaching and unique 'pivot moves' approach has increased my results beyond what I thought was possible in a short period of time."

Karen Hinds

"This was so great! Everyone has been talking about empathy and storytelling, but here was real examination of both those things. I would highly recommend this course above all others. I'm buying her book immediately!"
Attendee Feedback
"This was the most inspiring and moving presentation of any I have attended. This is a wise and gracious woman!"

Attendee Feedback
"Your talk really touched me. Thank you for your courage, your honesty, and your wisdom. Please keep doing what you are doing!"

Attendee Feedback
"This book could be life changing no matter what your job in life. We all want to connect with people on a deep level and this book shows you how."


Amazon Review
"This is not your ordinary 'self-help or 'personal growth' book. Rather this is a unique book that blends a masterfully told parable with time-honored truths and sage advice."

Edward H.

Amazon Review
"Maria is a master storyteller! I found myself making a list of all the leaders I know who will receive this as a gift from me. The principles of building bridges of communication are relevant and critical to just about every area of our lives."

Elizabeth M.

Amazon Review
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